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Different Material Options You Can Consider For Bifold Doors

When considering installing bifold doors to your property, you have various materials you can choose for the frames. You will want to select something that matches your existing windows and doors, or it may mean that you must also replace them, so they match. The cost of the different materials is similar, so you will need to look at other factors to help you decide on the best option for your property. Below are some material options you have available to help you get started and select the best one for your new bifolding doors.

Choosing Aluminium

When you want something that looks fantastic and is also low maintenance, aluminium bifolds from are an excellent option you can consider. Aluminium is a strong and lightweight material that is also durable, and it also has excellent thermal and acoustic properties. You can get the frames in many different colours and finishes, and you can also have a wood effect finish which is ideal if the other windows in your home are wooden. They can last for as long as 45 years, so you may never need to replace them in your lifetime, and they are simple to maintain by cleaning them with a soft cloth and mild detergent.

Choosing uPVC

When looking for an affordable option, uPVC bifold doors are worth considering for your property. They also have excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties and are available in a wide selection of colours. They are also simple to maintain, like aluminium, and you can clean the frames easily using a cloth and soap. However, unlike aluminium bifolds, the colour will fade on the uPVC ones, and they can start looking old after only a couple of years.

Choosing Wood

Another popular option for many properties in the UK is wood frame bifold doors, which can look fantastic when installed on a property. Many types of finishes are available for wooden frames, and you can stain or paint them in your preferred colours. However, they will require much more maintenance than other materials, and you will need to repaint or stain the frames every couple of years. They have excellent thermal and acoustic properties but are also expensive and at a similar price to aluminium. However, they take much more effort to look after them than aluminium bifold doors.

Choose Composites

You can also choose to have composite bifold doors made, which can use various materials and exploit their best characteristics for your bifold doors. You will often find that composite bifold doors are the most expensive option available, as much more goes into the production of them being made from multiple materials. However, depending on the composition of your doors, they can be excellent performers and relatively low maintenance, which may be ideal for your property.

The above four options are the most popular ones in the UK that you can consider using for your bifold doors. Weigh up the pros and cons of each material, and then select the one you prefer that matches your home’s character and aesthetics.

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