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Don’t procrastinate. Get your premises tested for asbestos today

It is a time to be happy and reflect on what has been a fantastic first few years transforming your hobby of Muay Thai boxing into owning your own gym and building a business from it. You started out hiring a space at the local leisure centre for weekly classes, but the popularity quickly grew meaning you recognised huge potential.

You found an old warehouse to convert into a facility that would suit your needs perfectly. However, before you could move in with all the equipment and start with membership enrollment, you made the wise decision to have asbestos testing carried out on the premises.

It turned out to be a great call for several reasons.

  • With the use of asbestos being banned in Australia in December 2003 you wanted peace of mind and to be on the right side of the law. Finding dangerous asbestos where people are working out and sweating would have been a catastrophe for health and economic reasons, as membership could well have fallen off.
  • The thought of asbestos in your increasing the risk of several serious diseases, including asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer, was too much to begin to contemplate.
  • You knew of an asbestos testing service carried out by a local company who has been in operation since 1985, which years of experience along with reliability and a long list of customer testimonials.
  • The good news on this occasion was that no asbestos was found. The previous proprietors must have been on top of their game, but if it had been detected, the firm that carried out the testing service are also experts in the removal of it followed by a safe disposal.
  • This would be carried out by following mandatory regulations, with highly trained technicians being required to wear specialist safety equipment for the highly skilled job. The highest calibre vacuum machinery would be used to remove asbestos from roofs, pipes, or boiler lagging. To allow the job to be completed speedier, some of the machinery is sometimes mounted on mechanical hoists.
  • Your expert team would provide detailed plans prior to any removal would be carried out, as only those companies with a government license are legally permitted to deal with asbestos.

Although asbestos can create danger and health risks, it can be located and then safely removed and disposed of if you enlist the services of a professional team with decades of experience in the procedure.

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