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Tips For Planning a Pet-Friendly Kitchen Space

A kitchen is the heart of every home. This is the most utilized area since families gather to prepare and eat a meal and create memories together. Of course, their pets are not exempt from all the fun a household produces. Despite all the pleasure of having a get-together, the cooking area is one of the most hazardous rooms for fur babies. This is why kitchen remodeling in Rancho Palos Verdes company prompts consumers to prioritize it for their family and pets’ safety. They should start by:

Begin with the kitchen layout.

One must start with a basic layout. This serves as a guide for organizing kitchen cabinet accessory choices smoothly. The same is true when it comes to making one’s home pet-friendly. A kitchen design can include designating a place for their pets. Kitchen cabinet Pasadena firms can assist individuals by providing them a place to relax or eat. This will save individuals a lot of time and effort when making meals for the family.

When designing that special spot for one’s pet, homeowners must remember its height. They can keep a scratching post on hand if their pet is tiny. Alternatively, they can eliminate the cupboards beneath the worktops and replace them with a bed that fits the space.

Surfaces and counters that are easy to clean and have a dark tone.

The floor and counters are also important components of a cook room. Although individuals should avoid scratching wood surfaces, quartz and cement countertops are ideal if they have dogs or cats. Expect some mishaps when household owners have these creatures. Spills are common with dogs, so it is also an excellent choice for easy-to-clean surfaces. These are typically those with smooth exteriors for simple wiping.

Homeowners can also use a dark but refined color palette for their kitchen, such as navy blue, gray, or brown. The fur on the floor and marks on the carpet will give them enough time to clean before their guests arrive.

Aside from a cozy corner for one’s pets, consider adding a pet feeding station to the kitchen design. Pet feeding stations provide a secure, convenient, clean area to feed an individual’s furry baby. They may need to study before purchasing one, but a well-designed feeding station can assist in keeping their pet’s bowls off the floor and out of their way.

These are the most suitable ways of organizing the cooking area with a pet-friendly space. To learn more about the tips for proper layout outlining, see the infographic below created and designed by Mr. Cabinet Care:

Tips for a Pet-Friendly Kitchen

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