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Your Fact Sheet For Knowing About Clean Energy!

You are interested in switching to clean energy for your home – Congratulations! You have taken the first step. The next step is to find all relevant details about cleaner and renewable sources of energy and select an electricity supplier who can help with the switch. In Pennsylvania, services like are offering clean energy for residential needs. Before you contact them, here is a quick fact sheet.

The basics

In simple words, clean energy sources are the ones that have no carbon or greenhouse gas emissions. The term clean energy is often used interchangeably with renewable energy, even though there are differences. In case of clean energy, the source is renewable and clean at the same time, but this cannot be said for all renewable sources. For instance, production of geothermal energy can cause some pollution.

The best sources

Wind, water/hydro, solar and geothermal energy sources are seen as alternatives to fossil fuels. The problem with fossil fuels is emission, which has been responsible for air pollution and climate change in a big way. In comparison, the other four are renewable. You will never exhaust solar power for instance. Solar energy, in fact, remains the most commonly used source of clean energy. Sonar panels gather sunlight, which is then transformed into electrical energy. Tidal and wave energy sources are also being studied, although both are in experimental stages at the moment and need more research to be feasible for large-scale and commercial use.

How expensive is clean energy?

While there can be a small price to pay for switching to clean energy, you will eventually save on electricity bills in the long run, and that’s the advantage of clean energy at the core. In fact, you also have other incentives like tax credits to look forward to. If you want to use clean energy for your home, find a supplier and ask them about the sources. They will also explain what is required to use their services, and the energy bills you pay every month will come down consistently. In other words, there is nothing expensive about clean energy, and while it may seem like a small step, each of our decisions can have a positive effect on the environment at a larger level.

Check online for clean energy sources now and consider going for the same for your home. This could be an incredible decision for your home’s specific needs too.

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