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Can You Prevent Infestation of Bedbugs at Home?

Bedbugs are commonly found in every household and the best way to prevent their entry into your home will be to take a few preventive measures.

Following are few things that you can do regularly to prevent infestation of the punaises de lit (English meaning is bedbugs) at home:

  • Try to reduce such places where you can expect the bedbugs to hide
  • Always remove the clutter.
  • Regularly vacuum under and behind your beds.
  • Remove or repair peeling wallpapers
  • Tighten all the loose electrical faceplates.
  • Try to seal all crevices and cracks on the wooden bed frames, in walls, ceilings, between baseboards, door frames and windows, and furniture.
  • Check all the entry points on your walls that you may be sharing with neighbors and also various openings that may allow access to any inside of your wall.

You must also be very careful about anything that you bring into the house while buying:

  • Check all items that you bring inside your home, including any used books, new or old furniture, antique store furniture, and also garage sale, etc.
  • You must be extra cautious with any second-hand or also refurbished items.
  • Often even a new mattress can be brought in the same vehicle that carries away an old mattress, so you must carefully check the new mattress while entering it in your home. You must insist that your brand new mattress must be properly sealed before the delivery.
  • Avoid taking any sofa or mattress from a curb.
  • Always check all items before you load them in the vehicle and also check your vehicle properly.
  • Whenever you return from any outside trip, then follow all the tips that are described on the website of Canada’s Public Health Agency.

You can also stop bedbugs by checking your room

  • Avoid putting your luggage on your floor or your bed rather put them in the bath-tub, or on your luggage rack.
  • Also, check your bed – like mattress, seams, zippers, cushion tufts, and also in behind the headboard.
  • By using something with an edge or hard corner, like a credit-card try to check the walls and furniture, furniture frames, and the cushions.
  • Try to check behind your paintings, mirrors, posters, and also around moldings, trim, window frames, and baseboards.
  • Try to check in various cracks in the plaster and also peeling wallpaper.
  • You may take a closer look at all your electrical outlets, phones, light switches, and clocks, and also under entire carpeting rugs.

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