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The best way to maintain security when renovating a home

Renovation projects and a complete remodelling of a property is an exciting prospect. Whether it is a completely brand-new site or a home that you currently live in and will remain in during the renovation process, the security of the property and your belongings should always be a priority. There are quite a few ways to ensure the site is secure at all times, from the correct vetting procedures of contractors used on the job, through to the home security systems and products that you put in place to manage the site. Here, we take a look at a few of your options.

Depending on the severity of the work being undertaken during the renovation of the property you live in, there could be calls to completely re-evaluate your current home security systems and to implement something that fits the bill for your specific project. If the entire house is being changed and there will be exposed walls and other areas that are open to contractors all day, as well as exterior areas of the building that might now seem more vulnerable due to the access granted to contractors, you will need something a little different than you usually would when living in the house as normal.

The first thing you should do is choose the contractors working on the project very carefully. In an ideal world you would always work with contractors who have been given a glowing recommendation by someone you trust, whether that is a family member, a close friend or a colleague. Check the credentials to see if they are official and have the requisite training required to perform the remodelling tasks in a safe and effective manner.

As you get ready for the work to start, make sure that any valuables that need to be kept safe during the renovation process are put away somewhere safe. If you have an actual safe in the house, this could be a viable option, although if not, just think creatively about where you can hide certain specific items. If you have a few larger items that you don’t feel comfortable leaving in the house with workers there during the day, think about hiring a self-storage facility for the duration of the project.

On top of this, another thing you can do is to evaluate your home security solutions and think about upgrading to cope with the new situation.  This could be in the form of a new smart alarm system covering the areas of the home where work is being undertaken, or for video doorbells to cover the ins and outs of all contractors and supplies, ensuring only those who are meant to be in your home are present. Once the project has been finished, consider changing the locks so that only your household has the right keys to enter the property – just in case a criminal has gained access and made a copy during a renovation when things are more open around the home.

Remember, there is never a simple answer that fits every single person and every single project. Your renovation story is unique and with that in mind you should partner with a supplier of home security solutions with a track record that you believe in. Choose contractors to work on the renovation project that you can trust, and put that together with a strong schedule and timelines and home security products that keep you and your family safe at all times, keeps an eye on your belongings and makes sure all machinery and equipment used on the site is secure at the end of each day.

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