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A Perfect Blend of Safety and Style

Glass balustrades are used in many different types of buildings, both internally and externally to provide barriers and protection.

Offices and business world-wide use glass as the go-to material for their balustrades, ensuring an open plan and airy feel is achieved. There are many places to order and buy glass balustrades, including garden centres, hardware stores and a range of online shops.

Glass balustrades look elegant, modern and even futuristic, giving a property an edge when coming to sell it.

Common Uses for Balustrades

Balustrades have a number of uses in residential properties, including:

  • Supporting staircases – Glass balustrades are very common in homes and offices around the world for providing that extra bit of safety when climbing stairs.
  • Balconies – Balustrades provide a natural barrier for your balcony or outdoor space, giving a sense of order and security to your garden.
  • Keeping children and pets safe – Providing a barrier around swimming pools that can protect children who may otherwise slip and fall in.

Advantages of Glass Balustrades

These days, although many materials such as wood, metal and glass are used to create functional balustrades, glass is by far the most common.

If you are looking for residential glass balustrades in Adelaide, read on to learn about why glass is the number one choice of material for balustrades in Australia.

  1. Glass doesn’t block the light – This is one of the main benefits of glass balustrades as they allow the light to shine around a space, reflecting the light and often increasing the amount of light in an area.
  1. Glass is easy to clean – With simple household cleaning products, glass balustrades can be cleaned in a matter of minutes.
  1. Glass gives the impression of more space – Using see-through glass for stairs, balcony barriers or other elevated areas can give the impression that the space is larger than it is in reality. Glass creates an open, transparent look.
  1. Glass balustrades are made from toughened, hardened glass – They are strong, durable and many are designed specially so that if they break, they do not shatter. People could be forgiven for thinking that glass is delicate and easy to smash, when in fact glass balustrades are exceptionally tough and can last for decades with minimal maintenance or care. 

The Best Choice of Balustrade Material 

For those looking to do their bit for the planet, glass is an eco-friendly choice for a balustrade material.

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