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Getting Organised for Moving Day

Moving house tops the charts of the most stressful experiences in life, so if you are having to move for whatever reason, it’s important to be organised. Follow these tips to make your moving day much easier.

Notify everyone in advance

It’s better to change addresses before you move, rather than after, and some people you’ll need to notify about your move include:

  • Utilities
  • Banks
  • Schools
  • TV and internet providers

You can notify people in advance of your move, and they’ll ensure the date is changed on the day, so you can ensure a smooth transition to your new place. Many firms let you sort this out online, so it’s quick and easy to do.

Book a removals firm

Trying to do a house move yourself is tough, unless you live a very minimalistic lifestyle. As soon as you have a moving date, it’s worth booking a removal in Cambridge, so that you can make sure you have the date booked. Certain moving dates can book up quickly, such as weekends and summertime, when there are lots of moves, so booking a mover should be a priority.

If you need to move house, it’s a good idea to be well-organised, as it makes the experience much less stressful. As soon as you know you’re moving, sort out your paperwork, and book your removal firm. You can then begin the process of packing up, safe in the knowledge that you’ve done all you can to create a smooth transition when you move onto the next chapter of your life.

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