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Clearing a House Before You Move Out

Thinking of moving home? Before you get into your dream home, you’ll have to sort out the old place. Whether you are a homeowner or tenant, you’ll need to get your home cleared and ready for the next people who will live there. But how do you get started with this monumental task?

Hire a skip

When you move, it’s a good excuse for a declutter and getting rid of things you no longer need. Therefore, it’s worth thinking about hiring a skip to get the job done. Hire a 4 yard skip in Wolverhampton, and you can avoid having to go back and forth with rubbish. You simply throw it in the skip, and it gets collected, sorted, and recycled, without the usual hassle.

Get organised

The key to a successful house clearance is to get organised.

  • Don’t leave it until the last minute – start planning early
  • Categorise things to make them easier to pack
  • Work on one area at a time
  • Be brutal – don’t cling onto things you don’t need

A whole house clearance can take a long time, especially if you’ve lived in the same place for a while, so don’t leave it until the week before you move.

When you know your moving date, start making a plan for clearing out your old place. You’re likely to want to get a few things done, such as window cleaning and a deep clean, so plan in advance and make sure you have the right equipment to get things sorted.

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