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5 Step Residential Roofing Contractor Verification

Verify all the important details 

The first step for verifying a roofing contractor you will be hiring for a project shortly must provide you with all the verification details. These details include the business licenses for the state you are living in or the local area. You can also ask for their tax verification number, which must not be an issue. If the contractor is not a fraud, he or she will provide you with these details in one go. Also, make sure to contact more than one contractor so that you can compare which one is the best for you before you hire any of them blindly.

Ask them for their business details.

Every legitimate contractor will have a separate business address, business email address, business website, or contact number. The business number or address or any of these details is different from a usual email or calling number because it is only used for business purposes. You can verify this by the name itself. A professional contractor will have a professional email address, unlike a usual email address. You can also check their website to assure yourself. Once you have all the details verified, you can move to the next verification step before hiring.

 References to contact the past clients

Suppose you are not contacting a newbie contractor who has done no work in the past. In that case, that is a different story and, in that case, you cannot verify their work from their past clients but, if you are planning on hiring someone with work experience in the past, then you can ask them to show their past work, or you can directly contact their past clients.

 Ask them about the project details.

Once you have verified everything you have to do next, ask them about the project you will be hiring them to work on. Ask them about the time it will take and the number of workers that will be hired for the project and keep all these details in mind to stay safe.

 Get the contract in writing!

 Finally, before hiring the Residential Roofing Contractor, make sure to have the contract in writing so that you do not have to face anything wrong in the future. Once you have the written contract, you are good to go and can begin the project. Also, now you can be stress-free about being cheated in any way because you have a written contract, and you can take action if necessary.

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