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What are the Best Roof Shingles for Florida?

You have two options for roofing shingles in Florida: architectural or 3 tab shingles. Because they are more durable than 3-tab shingles, Architectural Shingles are better shingles for Florida. The price difference is also not that significant. Architectural shingles are ideal for homeowners who need their roofs to withstand extreme weather and extreme humidity.

What are the factors to consider when choosing roof shingles for Florida?

Florida’s humidity and extreme weather can lead to a shorter roof life. How to choose the right roof, ensuring proper installation And Consistent care is key to ensuring that you are taken care of. Your roof will be protected from the effects of Florida’s climate.


Roofs and shingles in Florida are subject to constant rain and storms. To maintain their effectiveness and look, they must be professionally installed. To minimize the need for future maintenance, we recommend that you choose the strongest shingles.


Florida’s law requires that roofs must be fitted with algae-resistant roofing materials. While this is not a requirement in all states, we still recommend using algae-resistant shingles. Algae-resistant shingles provide a better level of durability and protect your home against the harmful effects of algae buildup.

Which shingles are the best for Florida?

It comes down to the shingle brand. CertainTeed Because they produce a heavier shingle, this is the best option. This increases the durability of your roof and makes it more secure in heavy storms. CertainTeed shingles are reliable and their business practices are equally reliable. They are unaffected by class actions and have the best warranties in the industry. Both are also available. GAF And Owens Corning These shingles can be ordered upon request. However, they tend to cost more than CertainTeed. KCG Roofing wants to provide the best roofing shingles for your home, at the most affordable price. We recommend CertainTeed.

How do Shingles impact your home’s temperature?

The myth that Shingles can affect the temperature of your home is false and misleading. Your home’s temperature will depend on how old your air conditioner is, the ventilation in your attic, and the age and style of your doors. We don’t recommend that you pay more for white “Energy Star” shingles.

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