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Useful Checklist When Selling your Home

As your home is likely the biggest single investment you have, it makes sense to present it properly when looking to sell up and relocate. This is an exciting home, as you are already imaging life in your new dwelling and to help you find a buyer, here are a few things that you can do.

  • Exterior – Of course, you want the property to look its best and you should carry out improvements or repairs as you see fit. Let’s not forget that you can add the cost of any improvements to the price, so it won’t cost you a thing! A nice block paving driveway with an electric gate would certainly attract viewers and let’s not forget to power wash the rook, trim the hedges and tend the flower beds.
  • Pool Certification – If you live in NSW, your pool will need to comply with State requirements (search online for certification requirements) and when you are sure the pool is ready for inspection, there is affordable pool certification in Stanhope Gardens from an approved company. It is much easier to sell a property that has a valid pool compliance certificate and for the little it costs, this is something to do prior to listing the property for sale.
  • Interior Décor – You might want to consider home staging, is you think your home décor leaves a lot to be desired; search with Google for a home staging company, give them a budget and they will tell you what they can do. Make sure the walls and ceilings are clean; a little repainting might be in order, and prepare the rooms for the professional photographer that the real estate agent will send.
  • What’s your Bottom Line? You should discuss this with your partner and decide on the lowest price that you will accept. Are you prepared, for example, to leave some of the furniture if a potential buyer requests this?
  • Choosing a Real Estate Agent – Get this wrong and you could be waiting a long time to find a buyer; there is a free real estate agent-finding service online that tells you about each agent and their performance and the system covers 54,000 suburbs in Australia. This free service lets you know which agents are high performers and can save you both time and money.

If you do what you can to make your home look attractive to a potential buyer and you choose a good real estate agent to list the property, you should find a buyer reasonably quick.

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