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Selecting Custom Drapery For Your Home: Things That Matter!

The interiors of your home should be an extension of your personality. If you wish to add some privacy and softness to your home interiors, you should definitely consider drapery, which can be customized in any way you like. Contrary to what many homeowners believe, using drapery is still in vogue, and your standard blinds cannot replace the beauty of using bespoke drapery solutions. In this guide, we are sharing more on what it takes to customize the idea for your home.

  1. Think of a theme. Before you go ahead and select fabrics, it is important to decide on the theme you want to focus on. Make sure that you pick designers, fabrics, and colors that complement the entire theme.
  2. Choose the right service. When it comes to customized drapery to match a particular theme or décor design, you need to find the best service in business. If you have found a local shop or service, make it a point to visit their showroom and check the range of vendors they work with.
  3. Know the fabric options. The beauty of drapery also comes from the fabric. You can choose between a wide range of fabrics, ranging from woven designs to cotton prints, silks, velvets, and even metallic fabrics. There are also sheets that can be used for making custom drapery.
  4. The types of pleats. Fabrics can be pleated in a number of ways to create new designs in drapery. Beyond the standard two-finger and three-finger pinch pleats, there are also other options like inverted pleat, goblet pleats, and other styles to choose from. If you have selected a good service, they will help you with the samples and fabrics, so that you can figure out the best options.
  5. The pricing. The cost of custom drapery is dependent on many factors, including pleating work involved, number of drapes needed, and the fabric. Nevertheless, shortlist a few options and get an estimate for each. Paying a tad more for something that you have truly liked and is likely to add aesthetic appeal to your home is never a bad idea.

Good drapery designed and matched to perfection can change the overall look of your home, even when you haven’t changed anything else. Check online now to find more on custom drapery services near you and do ask for samples as you evaluate the different options. The estimate can be discussed further to match your budget.

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