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Refurbishing Your Home?

Whether you are renovating a property before moving in or improving your existing home, there is a superb, relatively new modern product you may not have considered. I am referring to bi-folding doors, a reliable home improvement that can bring the benefits of natural light into the property and are more compact than traditional doors. When installed in the right setting, they can redefine how effectively the space is utilised, and the innovative designs can transform any home with a modern, aesthetically pleasing look.

How Do They Work?

Aluminium bifold doors consist of sections that fold into the side of the door frame to open up a space while only taking up a small storage area. The doors open by holding the panel next to the door; by pulling it across the frame, the sections then fold into themselves and are secure on the far wall of the installation. The main door is often called the traffic door and functions like a regular door. Perfect for kitchens and entertaining rooms that open onto a garden, they can create ample open space for use in the summer months.

What Are My Options?

It is possible to manufacture bi-fold doors in several materials to suit any budget, and many extras can be incorporated into your doors; these can include –

  • Materials range from timber, UPVC and Aluminium frames depending on your taste.
  • Modern security features with locking mechanisms.
  • Double glazing usually is standard.
  • Coloured glass and other glazing options are available.
  • Privacy shades or blinds installed in between the double glazing.
  • Woodgrain and other finished frames are available.

Any good installer of bi-fold doors should be able to offer you all the above options in their design process, often using computer-aided design programmes to show you what the finished products should look like in your home.

Where Do They Work Best?

With the amount of glass involved, bi-folds are often used at the rear of a property. As previously mentioned, the doors look superb when used as an internal-external boundary opening into a garden and work well in summer houses, pool rooms and potting sheds. They can also be used internally and have been used in conservatories, walk-in wardrobes and children’s bedrooms or playrooms. They are energy efficient, and their innovative design makes them an inventive choice when looking to improve the natural light in any living space.

Is There Any Downside?

As with any home improvement, it is essential to consider any disadvantages to using the product on your property. Critical issues to investigate are –

  • Security – modern locking systems and toughened shatterproof glass should alleviate any problems in this area.
  • Privacy – in the wrong position, this may be a problem.
  • Cost – Bi-folds can be expensive in large areas.
  • Excess water – this can be an issue without adequate drainage.

All of these issues can be addressed by a quality installation supplier of bi-folding doors; they should offer an end-to-end service from design to aftercare and have the experience to advise you on any issues you might have.

So, there we are. I hope this short piece has given you some valuable information that you were not already aware of; choosing bi-folding doors may well transform your home into a perfect environment for all.

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