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House Inspection Checklist: Things You Need To Check Before Buying A House

One of the important steps to buying a house is to inspect it thoroughly. Home sellers will try their best to cover up the flaws. But as a buyer, you need to know the real condition of the house. This is why a home inspection is very important.

The best thing to do would be to go along with your real estate agent. He would know the flaws of the house better than you. In this case, you need a reliable realtor like Remax top estate agent.

In this article, we will discuss all the things you need to check when inspecting a house. This should help you to find out the flaws.

Things To Check

Here are some of the important things to check in a house.

  1. Look For Mould, Water Stains, And Corrosion

If you are buying an old house, chances are that you will find traces of corrosion, mould build-up, and water stains. But you need to check how worse the condition is. A few stains here and there are fine. But if you find mould and water stains all over the house, then you should reconsider your choice.

  1. Check The Ceiling Thoroughly

You wouldn’t want your new ceiling to leak or have cracks. Before you make your final decision, inspect the ceiling thoroughly. You can do so using a shining torch across the ceilings. This will help you find out all the flaws, deflections in the ceiling sheets.

  1. Check The Wall For Cracks

Cracks in the walls can straightaway ruin the look of your house as they are easily visible. This is why you should check both the external and internal walls to see if they have any large cracks. Cracks that are greater than 0.2mm in width is a matter of concern. It may cost you a good amount of money to fix them all.

  1. Check For Moulds In The Bathroom

Although mould can be cleaned easily, you wouldn’t want your bathroom corners and floors to be full of it. Just so you know mould is harmful to your health. Buying a house that is infested with mould will require you to get it cleaned from time to time.

When going for a home inspection, you should ask your realtor to accompany you. Make sure that you get a reputable and reliable realtor like Remax top estate agent.

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